Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm coming!

Its snowing here in Lake Placid and I almost ready to go.
Today I will drive from Lake Placid, NY to Caribou, ME - in "the County." Its a long drive, mostly up along the St. Lawrence River, then into New Brunswick, before entering northern Maine. I've got my snow tires on and should be all set.
See you soon!


Haley said...

Just seeing how this works.

Amanda said...

It works.

Val said...

Hi Haley,
Some students in Mrs. Lugdon's class visited your site today. They were very excited to see you and the pictures you posted of them. Hope you're doing well. Everyone says hi.
Mrs. Lugdon's class (Patrick Therriault School, Sinclair, ME)

Val said...

Hi Haley,

We loved having you visit Patrick Therriault School and skiing with us. We enjoyed seeing our pictures on your blog and reading your messages. On the wall in the blue room there is a world map. Using a color code and color tacks, we have pin pointed the places you've been, plan to go, might go, and where you are. Please keep us posted of your travels. "Good Luck" from all of us.
Your friends at Patrick Therriault