Saturday, March 1, 2008

another night at the race

Here is the start of the Women's Pursuit in Pyeongchang. I tried to get my self in the beginning, but didn't do a very good job. Anyways, the start order of the competitors of the Pursuit are based on the previous Sprint race results. That is why the biathletes leave the starting area at different intervals and sometimes multiple skiers together. The first person across the finish line wins. There are four shooting bouts in this race, and with a windy range like this, the results favored the better shooters. The more penalties, missed shots, the more you had to ski the penalty look. This clip also gives you a view of the stadium and the first part of the ski course.

This steep hill is the next part of the course after the start and stadium area. It is a tough hill that is very steep. Here you can see a Canadian, I think two skiers from Kazakhstan, and a Korean on the right.

And these guys are two Korean skiers, who along with their ski team was out on the trails watching. There was a lot of excitement, noise makers and flags tonight as these kids cheered on the competitors. Or as they have translated from Korean - "players" who are playing the "game" of biathlon. I tried to explain that we are called "biathletes" who do a "sport". Oh well.

And now it is time to finally race. Tomorrow is the Mixed Relay. We are one of 15 teams competing tomorrow night. I am in the scramble position and will lead off our team of two women and two men. I have not lead a relay since college skiing, so this race is new territory for me. But I am excited and ready to go!

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