Friday, April 18, 2008

Bit of a play by play

In the start line behind teammate Sara Studebaker (Boise, Idaho, US Dev. Team). Check out that snow huh!

Busting out of the start gate. Thanks to Max Cobb, USBA's Exec. Director for taking all of these photos during the event.

Getting into prone position and loading my clips.

Prone - 5 bullets, 5 shots - and unfortunately in this race, two missed targets. After this stage I headed into the penalty loop.

But when it does go well, this is one of the fun things that happen. I ended the year with a fun mixed relay with fellow Lake Placid Biathlete, Tim Burke (I've been skiing with Tim for 10 years now) and World Cup teammate, Jeremy Teela (Utah). Our team won the overall.

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