Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You St. Agnes!

South Korea

Thank you for your comments! It cheered me up immensely! I am feeling 100% better and am thankful that I will travel healthy and rested this weekend.

I arrive in Pyeong Chang on Sunday evening, and will keep you updated throughout the competitions.

And, I am back in Lake Placid late on February 23rd. Let me know what that next week looks like at school, and I will come and visit.


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Kimara said...

Hi Haley,
Well done on your Korean races! I was sending vibes from Heidi Land and watching you on my computer live. Uncle Bill and I have lots of conversations about you. I am really enjoying watching, reading and hearing about your season. Good luck in Canada!
Hugs from Switzerland,
Kimara, Malia and Elena