Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks 6th Grade!

6th grade – It was great to see all of you again!! And I am glad you enjoyed my bibs and stories, because I enjoyed your questions and stories too (Jessica I will keep you posted on when I am going to get marriedJ ). Basically, that could be said of the whole year. I gained as much understanding, joy, patience, and curiosity as you did through our connections this year. Everywhere I went, I wondered how to best describe each new place to you. Consequently, this created more detailed and interesting reports from places like Sweden or South Korea that I was also able to share with friends, family and sponsors. It gave more colored and realistic view of what life is like on the World Cup circuit and traveling around the world. It enabled me to share my experiences. Thank you.

I am back to training now and am steadily working through a high quality training plan that fills my days with a lot of shooting and training, but leaves me feeling pretty happy. I started the training year with National Team camp in Whistler, BC. It was a great success and makes me really excited about this year. The camp was filled with long distance skis on both the nordic and biathlon trails, analyzing our competition courses inch by inch, getting reacquainted with combos (skiing and shooting training), learning new slowfire (shooting without a heart rate) drills to build our fundamental shooting skills, and spending the afternoons running amongst huge Douglas firs, Western Red Cedars and mtn. bikers. Days then concluded around a huge family meal cooked by our massage therapist. I would love to share some photos, but my camera died.

Looking ahead, my next camp is in the middle of June both in Lake Placid and in northern Maine. In August I head to Vermont for some races and then Sweden and German for another camp with more racing and testing. In October I am in Utah for a camp and will leave for the first World Cups in Sweden the middle of November. In between all of them, I will gladly be training at home. So, hopefully see you around! Good luck with lacrosse this summer and starting the middle school in the fall! Congratulations and see you at graduation!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the luck haley! I'm going to need it for next year! I'm not going to the middle/high school. I might be going to Seton catholic in plattsburg or Holy Family in Malone! I'm going to miss seeing you! But I'm still going to read your blog!!! Good luck next year with your skiing competitions!!!! Good luck getting married ia a few years from now!!!!
Katie S. (one of the former sixth graders)

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Haley! I really enjoyed your visits! You're a really great skiier! Thanks for comming to our graduation! Good luck next year!

Hannah (one of the sixth graders)

P.S. Same as Katie, good luck getting married!!!