Monday, August 24, 2009

Racing and Herring

Phew, I am glad I made it through the first week. As I've mentioned before, I've been spending some extra time with my shooting and I set out for this camp to be a working period. After a full summer of training this is the time to retune my skiing and shooting techniques before I head into a pre-competition phase of training later in the fall. It is quite a transformative time and I will be happy to emerge from it at the end of this camp. Needless to say my races were an important part, not necessarily to race, but to work on an improved shooting process at a high intensity . I would have liked to have done well here, as I did last year, but this time my focus and goals were different. And after a thorough analysis of the races I closed the week and moved on to the next.

After the races were over our team was pleasantly suprised; expecting to take a "boat ride" on the Storsjön, we instead got to take jet skis out to an island and Swedish castle. It couldn't have been a better evening to be out on the lake: the sunset was big, wide, and spectacular and the lake was (uncharacteristically) calm and quiet. Once out to the island we were greeted by the folks who run a small hotel in an old 1800's swedish castle. After a tour of the Swedish countryside and lake, we returned back to the city and to a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord dinner. It was quite the spread of different types of herring, sauces, and meats that you pile on top of your boiled potato. Smothered in mustard sauce, I could actually eat the herring.

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