Thursday, September 24, 2009

split screen

We've got this nifty video system at our range that helps us analyze our shooting. I am shooting prone on the two bottom screens and my teammate Susan is shooting standing on the top two. This system gives a closer look at our shooting techinique and position during a workout, and on this particular day it was a threshold skate technique specific combo interval workout. From this video I wanted to be able to watch my breathing cadence; some of the questions I ask myself as I am watching is - do I stop my breathe and hold/aim on the target long enough before taking the shot, are my breathes quick and controlled enough?

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Jamie said...


Just wanted to say thank you for the comment. Keep up all the great work, it's awesome following you. Too bad you are going to be so far away when you are here. Keep working hard. I love Eurosport and how much everyone follows sports over here. I am also definitely going to look into the yogurt. Thanks again Haley. Talk to you soon.