Thursday, February 11, 2010

NSA in Vancouver

National Sports Academy Alumni compete in Vancouver!
Bill Demong - Nordic Combined
Nick Alexander - Ski Jumping
Chris Mazder - Luge
Haley Johnson - Biathlon
John Farra - US Cross-Country Team Leader


Heather said...

Hayley -
Watching the Opening Ceremonies and thinking of you, knowing that you're (hopefully) getting ready to tuck yourself in for a good night's sleep before tomorrow's competition. We can only hope that your expectation that the Canadians will cover the Biathlon better than most and that we can watch you grab that Gold with gusto! Good luck & above all, enjoy yourself! Heather & Andy (Your USAir friends from the flight back from Munich last month)

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much you are my idol I watched the opening ceremonies good luck!
-J. E.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haley!!!

I was really excited about watching you sompete in the Olympics, but sadly, I missed it because I got the Olympic scheduale that's in the Adiondack Daily Enterprise a day AFTER the compitition!!! I looking foward to the snowbaording and am gonna watch some in 4o minutes. Hope you blog about how everything turned out soon!!!!!!
Hannah (from saint agnes)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haley!!!

I was really excited about seeing you compete in the Olympics, but I missed it because I got the scheduale for the Olympics that came in our paper a day After you competed!! I hope you write how you did soon!! I'm looking forward to snowbaoding and am going to watch the men's cross compition in about 20 minutes.
Hannah (from saint agnes)

dawn said...

Yay!!! I hadn't seen your blog before! I'm glad I found it. So good to see what you're up to. Hope you're doing great :) -Dawn