Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gym Class

Its been awhile since I've been to Gym Class, and this year, Monday's visit to Mr. Young's class at the LP Elementary School will be the first of quite a few. In the past I visited kids in their classrooms. However, this year I wanted to take a different approach. Being active with kids and working along side those who are already promoting activity and healthy choices, seemed to be a more effective way, naturally. On Monday I visited 4th and 5th grade gym classes.

This project is a bit free form, but the intention will always be clear: I think role models are really important figures in our lives. In the environment of gym class and school, an athlete can be a meaningful, local and real life example to learn from. I know this reads a bit like NPR's "This I believe," but I am excited for what another year holds.

The theme for Monday's class was cooperation and teamwork, hence the ball between our heads while doing a push-up. Not easy - give it a try.

The next visit is slated for the end of October once I am back home from a National Team Training Camp in Utah.

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