Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two hats, two buffs, two gloves....

two race tops, two hand warmers and ..... too many misses in the range. 

I just finished up a 3 race Trial series in Canmore and three pretty cold days of racing. Everything got doubled up, and as mentioned, so did my misses on the range. Handwarmers taped to the backs of my hands to keep my precious trigger finger warm and alive worked well, and in addition to the quirky things skiers do to keep warm, racing actually wasn't that bad.

Everything about the races felt great, except for many unexplained missed hits. I've had a pretty good training season and physically know I am where I need to be starting the year. I'll continue as planned and be ready to race later again in December at a NorAm in Mt. Itasca, MN for the IBU Cup Team Trials. However, in this next month I'll be able to take a closer look at my shooting. I have some ideas of how to fine tune my competition shooting and with the help of my staff, we will re-evaluate the mechanics of my rifle (its a bit like a well-loved old car - 13+ years old? - and could use some new parts).

Its been cold here, but not too cold. The change of plan was tough at first, but not too tough. In this year I feel very lucky to have another month of solid training and some extra time at home before hitting the big time. There is plenty of opportunity to come and I am looking ahead towards January IBU Cups and continuing on with the rest of the biathlon season.

And for now, I've got one more week of great training in Canmore.

Part of my team will head over to Europe shortly for both the IBU Cup and World Cup circuits. Check out their progress at:

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