Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanks and congratulations to Aroostook County!

I am just back from racing in two Biathlon World Cups in northern Maine with two thoughts in mind: the organizing committees, volunteers and communities did an excellent, world-class job hosting two events and I couldn't ski two lanes down the range  or ski the farthest hills of the course without a 'congrats,' 'good luck,' 'go get'em,' or 'go haley!' So I'd like a send an informal but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to everyone involved in the Maine World Cups!!! I am grateful to everyone of them.

I guess I have a third thought, too: I didn't race as well as I would have liked to in Maine, but regardless our team did great and it was awesome to compete in a World Cup on home snow! 

Some great volunteers in Fort Kent.

The tips of my classic skis peer over the top of 'Soderberg's Summit' and the big climb in Fort Kent.

A shot from one of the spectating spots before the Mass Start competitions on Sunday. Beautiful conditions and sunny skies.

More great volunteers and local skiers:)

The first loop during the Men's Mass Start.

Lowell, far left, one lap into a career best finish.

Marie and Lucien Theriault - two of my favorite people in Fort Kent. I've raced and trained in Fort Kent a lot, and not once without seeing folks like them on the sidelines cheering. 

Sara Studebaker during her first Mass Start.

 On the final short, but not sweet, uphill towards the finish area spectators where able to cheer only an arms length away from the competitors.

I'm back in Placid for a pre-World Championship training block before leaving for Russia next week. I like Russia's courses, so have spent a good amount of time on Porter Mtn., High Notch and Ladies 5km to benefit from the hilly terrain. I'm not terribly fond of shooting in windy conditions, but Mt. Van Hoevenberg's range is a good place to practice for potential windy conditions on race day in Russia. Plus, the piston bully is back from the dead and I'm looking forward to some good conditions for intervals tomorrow morning.


Greg Jaeger said...

Haley - I wanted you to know how much everyone was with the US Team as you competed at the Nordic Heritage Ski Center and the 10th Mountain Ski Center. While we know you and the team wanted to do even better, yet we also know you left nothing on the course.

I was proud to be able to photograph the World Cup Biathlon #7 at Presque Isle and I think you will be proud of the photos taken. You and the team can view them here:

Good luck to the team in the World Championships and in the final World Cup event.

Greg Jaeger
Freelance Photographer

Justin said...

Just wanted to make sure that you received your putty knives while you were in Fort Kent. I hope that's what you wanted.

Justin Dubois
Quigley's Building Supply
Fort Kent, Maine