Saturday, November 29, 2008

Swedish Snowflake

I noticed that most of you had knitting projects on your desks when I last visited. I too enjoy knitting, and always have a project when I am traveling. I just started working on a hat. The pattern is called “Norwegian Star” – fitting for being in Scandinavia. I thought I would pass along the main design pattern for you, and since it is coming from here in Sweden and I hope that the Adirondacks get some snow soon – I renamed it the “Swedish Snowflake:

● = contrasting color

You will need two colors – one main color and one contrasting color. This is a simple snowflake design and it shows up well is you use white as your contrasting color against a dark main color. I am working on a hat, so am knitting “in the round,” which means literally knitting around the hat. If I remember right you were working on scarves, so you are knitting back and forth. On the front side the snowflake will show, but on the backside, you will see all the connecting strings from one row to the next as you switch between the two different colored strings (its going to look a bit messy, but that’s okay.) If this is your first time knitting in a pattern with another color, remember to keep the same tension and relaxed style as you do when you are knitting the rest of the scarf. Often, when you are frequently switching between colors, it is easy to loose your flow and the same tension on the yarn, resulting in stitches that are too tight or too loose.

Enjoy - I’ll send you a photo as the snowflakes on my hat starts to progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Haley -

I was at a secondhand store today and picked up a bunch of yarn and a set of knitting needles. I have no idea how to knit, but a friend is going to try to teach me:-)


Carmen said...

I just created a Google account so now you will know who I am and not just as "Anonymous":-)