Saturday, November 29, 2008

Watch Biathlon Live!!

You can watch my race on Thursday - Live - online! I will race at 5:15pm in Sweden, which is 11:15am Eastern Time - your time.

Here is out you do it:
Go to:
Click on "Watch Us Live"
And follow the directions that will take you to Eurovision.

The beginning of the race will primarily show the most people in the start gate and the first few seconds of the race. Intermixed, will be shots of the leaders skiing and shooting, as well as shots of Ostersund. Periodically, there will be a result/status bar on the bottom of the screen that shows how the biathlete's lap and overall times compare. It will be under the lights and really exciting to watch!

It is an individual race which is 15km with 4 shooting bouts - prone, standing, prone, standing. For each missed hit, a one-minute penality is added. I will recieve my bib number the night before the race and will try to e-mail to let you know.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

Hello Haley!

We just finished reading your latest posts, thank you for the news and pictures. It is really neat to learn about what your days are like. We have your comp on our classroom calendar and are excited to see you live in your race. Thank you for the knitting pattern. We hope your Thanksgiving feast was yummy. Everyone here is wishing you the best of luck in your first competition; we'll be rooting for you. Good luck! GOOD LUCK! GOOD LUCK!!! We'll be remembering you, and all the athletes, at our morning prayer circle. Be well! GG, JH, NA, EB, MP, KS, GO, HS, LS & LC

Haley said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for the great comment and I am glad you enjoyed the posts. Have a good week and I will write again after my first race. peace, haley

Anonymous said...

Great job skiing, hope you're having fun! I am going to try knitting the hat. NA