Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And now I am in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich(image from Wikipedia)

I am spending three days in Zurich with my Uncle Bill (you will recall this is the uncle I went to visit when my passport was stolen when I was your age), my Aunt Carmen, and cousins Sam and Aleksander. Teacher has brough them abroad, as my Uncle is a middle school history teacher at the Zurich International School. Yesterday, I went into school with him, spoke with a few classes (and showed them out blog), and got to meet his students and fellow teachers. This afternoon, I got the tour of Zurich, and tomorrow's main activity is watching my Aleksander's hockey practice. A taste of normal life outside of sport has been refreshing. I've enjoyed the different schedule, bed, and environment. It is hard to capture one city in only a few photos - so I downloaded as many as I could. Enjoy!

Fountains like this can be found everywhere throughout the city, and Switzerland. Aleksander alternated between my water bottle and these fountains while on our walk today.

The Gros Munster - one of the largest cathedrals in Zurich. It is built upon the graves of two of Zurich's patron saints.
This is a statue of Charlemagne, found in the inside of the Gros Munster.

I really enjoy the architecture of Europe and the unique features that distinguishes these older cities. The doors, the windows, the rooves and gables, the cobblestone streets, the carvings, statues, the churches, the parks and gardens, walkways and public trams and trains, are unlike any I have seen in the US. Sometimes I take photos of people, but mostly I gravitate towards the details you find when you look at the ground level, and at the buildings around and above; I could take pictures of these features all day.

Aleksander, Bill and I played a game of outdoor chess. Well, I should say I watched Bill and Aleks play. I am new to playing chess, but regardless playing outside with oversized pieces in a public park is pretty cool.

I was in Italy during Pres. Obama's Inauguration and but his presence is clearly felt where ever we travel. The framed photo says "Welcome Mr. President. Yes We Can!"

We ended the afternoon at a cafe for some hot chocolate. Winters in a city are cold and damp, and this hot, hot chocolate never tasted so good.

On Friday I will take the train to meet up with my teammates in Munich, Germany. Saturday morning, training resumes as I prepare for World Championships in 2 weeks. Until then, I have another day of R&R and hanging out with family.

Aleksander and I knitting in the evening.

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Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant ce ai postat.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut chiar e frumos si interesant.Felicitari si sigur am sa mai revin!