Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Sometimes you have to reach the bottom before you can reach the top"

This quote caught my attention when I was reading some comments from the women's sprint race. At the moment I feel a bit like I've hit the bottom with my shooting, and am looking up, starting tomorrow, to head back up to the top.
I had a tough shooting race on Friday. I skied very well, and am quite happy with that. I should have reminded you to watch because I guess the Americans were shown quite a bit that day - especially after the hype of our successful men's team and Lake Placid was mentioned. But back to shooting, it is a bit of a riddle to me right now that I need to figure out. Tomorrow I will do a "pursuit race" by myself with five ski loops and 4 shooting stages. I've got a few clues after talking to my coach and spending some time breakdown my racing shooting experience, and I think I can figure it out because I've only got 20 shots tomorrow to do it.
As for today, I took a relaxing ski along some lakes this morning with my teammate, Lanny. This area actually reminds me of both the Cascade Lakes and Chapel Pond area - but instead, with lots of ski trails and quite a few skiers out to enjoy the sunshine.
Hope all is well in Placid!

Lanny on the "Seeloipe" - lake loop.


Kate Whitcomb said...

Thanks H-bomb, CONGRATULATIONS by the way!!! I saw Davy in AK. I figured you guys were a match. Congrats again, Kate

Anonymous said...

It was really cool to see you over christmas break! The skiing is great at Mt. Van Ho and the class misses you!
Good luck in the comps to come and we hope to see you soon! GG GO LS EB NA MP JH HS KS and Mrs.C