Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic views

Its been a week since I arrived back in Placid and I am finally sitting down to sort through some photos from the past two weeks.

I am psyched to be staying stateside for the remainder of the season; its been a long and tiring year for me and I am just really glad to be home. Next week I will travel up to northern Maine for US Biathlon Nationals and US National Distance Championships (30/50km) /USSA SuperTour Finals. All races will take place in Fort Kent and Madawaska. Snow is low, but it will be a fun way to end the year.

Below is a bit of a scrambled montage of my final week at the Olympics (starting from when I arrived home). Once our Relay ended (two weeks ago!) I got down to Vancouver to check out the Olympic Cauldron, women's 5000m speedskating final, and downtown Vancouver. Back up in Whistler I was also able to take in our men's relay, Billy D's gold medal event, the women's 30km, men's slalom and the USA/Canada gold medal hockey game all before Closing Ceremonies which in a very Canadian way brought an end to the Games.

This is what happens when I get back home after being on the road for 3 1/2 months.

My self, Liz Stephen, Kikkan Randall and Simi Hamilton after Closing Ceremonies- these guys hopped a plane to Finland for a week of World Cup racing the following morning.

Canadian Carnival at the Ceremonies. When we got to our seats after walking in everyone discovered their pair of moose antlers and promptly put them on to the dismay of the volunteers who painstakingly tried to get us to use our props at the right time. This was actually the time we were supposed to be wearing them.

You can't seem him, but thats Neil singing next to the flame and the rings. I wish he played longer. Long may we run....

Bill Demong holding our flag during Closing (sorry my camera skills were not on, I was a bit distracted and in awe of it all).

Jeremy and I primping our driver's hats before Closing.

Team USA bedecked in Polo; if you lost your crew it was kind of hard to spot them again.

Teammate, Lanny and I walking in.

What was one of the sweetest things of the Olympics? This. We got to check in our multiple pieces of very heavy, very large luggage with United at the Athlete's Village. They set up a temporary check-in for us to make checking in to the small Vancouver airport the next morning easier. They even told us to arrive 4 hours before our flight! I talked to one alpine skier and he hauled a whopping 17 bags through!

The boys standing proud before the USA/Canada game.

Jeremy sporting his 1980 Lake Placid jersey.

One small contingent of Americans....

...among a sea of red. Hats of to Canada - they played an excellent game.

Our hallway by the end of the Games in the Whistler Athletes Village. The biathlon, ski jumping, combined, and xc teams all stayed on this one floor.

Should have zoomed in, but here is Tim being cheered on by Ed, our team doctor and token course supporter, during the Relay.

A commemorative 2010 nordic coin.

I made it to the Olympic Cauldron just after dusk. This humble glass torch is memorable and I think this waterfront park will be neat to visit again someday.

My view at the women's 5000m Final in the Richmond Oval. An American is racing on the right side.

Canadian Pride.

The Vancouver Athletes Village.

Soda bottles - General Waste - Compostables - Plastics. The Europeans were a bit slow to catch on, but I hope this system, which is prevalent all throughout the city caught on to all Olympians.

The 2010 Vancouver Nordic poster.

The 2010 Vancouver Biathlon Poster.

I had a lot of friends and family in Vancouver, and not only can you check Kara's site , but my little cousin Rath also set up an Olympic Blog - get to it from here.


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