Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While back at home...

Since I've been home I've been skiing with a bunch of local kids - during their school recess, regular Bill Koch and Dewey ski practices and out at our local ski areas - Mt. Van Hoevenburg and Dewey Mtn.

I had enough bibs when I skied with Pat Gallagher's Bill Koch kids for each one of them to get to ski with a World Cup or an Olympic bib.

I've been connecting with the Lake Placid Elementary 4th grade class all year and this week I got to join them for a ski during gym class. In addition to skiing around the soccer field they taught me tennis ball biathlon.

And we also chatted a lot during our skis; the weather was gorgeous, blue skies and sunny, and way more fun than sitting inside.

And then, our communities got together and hosted a parade for local Olympians! All together it was a pretty awesome first week at home.

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