Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Found a little gem of a story from the caters at the Fort Kent Biathlon World Cup

Guiding Stars Blog - the author's hometown is Fort Kent, Maine and her career as a chef for the Guiding Stars nutrition program brought her back to the St. John Valley to head up the catering for the athlete's tent. At each world cup the organizing committee sets up a restaurant/cafeteria of good hot food and local specialities. It is great for the coaches and wax techs who spend all day at the venue, and for us it is usually a perfect place to grab a snack or meal after training or a race. Some venues are memorable - like the cappuccinos in Antholz - but Fort Kent was, hands down, the best. Awesome hot meals and sides that ranged from sweet potatoes to lasagna to lots of extra treats like a juicer, waffle maker, and baked goods.

I came across this blog because of an article on Ployes - which are native to the St. John Valley in the crown of Maine. The leading buckwheat farm is run by a great family up there, who upon seeing me said I could swing by to get my personal batch of ployes:).

"Recipe Riffs Episode 1: Your guide to finding stars in local food"

"Extreme Biathlon World Cup catering"

Bouchard Family Farm - you can order them here, too!

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Carmen Crenshaw-Hovey said...

These look like flat crumpets... I love crumpets!!!