Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School Food Tour

Empowering students to advocate for healthier school meals. Powered by bicycle.

A lot of reasons can lead one to being interested in promoting active healthy lifestyles and healthy eating styles. For me being apart of the ski world is definitely one of them. 

And for many others, too - like a former biathlete, Sara Salo, who I competed with back in high school who is about to embark on a "6,000 mile bike tour that will advocate for healthier school meals and promote cycling for transportation and recreation."

Check out the website to see if she'll be riding through your neck of the woods, doing a class visit at your school, visiting your local farm or organizing a community ride. If you'd like to join her on her ride, either by bike, donation or support click here.

Plus there is lots more to read on her site about the tour, mission, and ideas about inspiring communities, schools and kids to create healthier learning environments.

Good luck Sara!

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