Friday, December 31, 2010

Off to Nove Mesto!

On a wonderful little ski to Marcy Dam.

Traveling to Nove Mesto in the Czech Republic is how I will begin 2011. Its been a great month training at home, racing in the US and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Thanks to all who have helped out over the last few weeks as I pieced together travel arrangements and training! 

Here's what the next step looks like:
US World Cup Tream Trials, Nove Mesto
Jan. 6 US Team Sprint Time Trial
Jan. 8-9 IBU Cup # 3 Individual, Sprint

Keep updated on results and press releases: - (Interview coming in a few weeks)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Caution "Flying" Children: Racing at Mt. Itasca

Caution “Flying” Children is my favorite sign at Coleraine, MN’s Mt. Itasca ski center. On Saturday a ski jumping meet coincided with our Sprint race, and in addition to some more kids boarding on the adjacent alpine hill it was an ideal winter scene. Plus, the sight of little kids jumping mere meters on the "small" jump was priceless. I unfortunately didn’t get any photos of those tykes because it took me longer than normal at our post-race doping control and I missed it by the time I filled my cup.

Our IBU Cup Team Trials at Mt. Itasca finished up with a pursuit format 10km on Sunday. It was a good week of training and racing in Minnesota and I am happy to report my mission was accomplished. I accomplished it in more ways than one and am glad to move on to the next step: the IBU Cups and January World Cup Team Trials in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. As I mentioned in the interview, I really enjoyed skiing the technical and hilly terrain. My first biathlon and nordic coach, Kris Cheney Seymour designed these trails in 2002. The tight, turny, technical trails of his home ski area – Dewey Mtn. – and the trail layout of Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s Porter Mtn. helped inspire the biathlon specific loops. Basically, I felt quite at home and enjoyed finding the best line around the corners and up the steep and canted hills. That is what I think makes ski racing fun. 

The field size was small, but the races were still competitive and no matter the conditions every second counts. It might not have made too big of a difference this past week, but I know mere seconds can get you into World Cup points, into a pursuit or just behind a faster skier or a better shooter to compete with in another realm of racing. Racing well this week has definitely given me confidence in my fitness level and has been a great affirmation of the beauty of "Plan B" and an alternate start to the season. 

Wynn Roberts started the Pursuit on Sunday and too will be headed to Nove Mesto in a few weeks.

Pushing up and over one of the many hills. 


Thanks to Andrea Mayo and MWSC for photos of us skiing. And a big shout out to Chelsea Little of Fasterskier and Craftsbury Green Racing Project for giving biathlon unparalleled coverage in the US this season. I think she's done a great job covering our sport, both domestically and international, and created a window into the world of US biathlon. Thanks!

Monday, December 13, 2010

ice halo

Saturday, December 11, 2010

NYSEF event volunteer update

Bill Koch and J5 first strides during last winter's Lake Placid Loppet. Photo from a NYSEF blog.

Just wanted to update my earlier post about volunteering for local NYSEF ski events. Here is NYSEF Nordic's blog, which also has up-to-date information and easy access to signing up to volunteer:
Scroll down to the Dec. 8th entry and you will see a blue link to sign up.
For event a complete event schedule.

The snow conditions improved everyday I skied this past week at Mt. Van Hoevenberg. Hope you get to enjoy it too and good luck to those in the NYSEF Season Opener on the 12th!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Always nice to have a good amount of snow to start off the season at home.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010