Thursday, December 20, 2007


G e o g r a p h y:

Mrs. Lugdon mentioned that you might learn some geography soon. Here is another way to learn about some new places. Because of skiing and biathlon I am able to travel all over the U.S. and Europe for training and competitions. Early this fall I was in Utah, Montana and Alberta, Canada. Here are some of the places I will be next:

Lake Placid, NY, USA

Right now I am home in Lake Placid until I travel to Europe. I live at the Olympic Training Center and train just outside of town at Mt. Van Hovenburg – where I learned to ski in high school. Lake Placid is in northern New York in the Adirondack Park. I grew up in Lake Placid and went to grade school and high school there before moving to Maine.

Langdorf, Germany

Langdorf is located in south eastern Germany in the Bavarian region. I will fly into Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and will drive north to Langdorf. Many European Cups have been held in Langdorf, and the community is very excited to host it again this year. The biathlon trails are hilly and run through tall fir and pine tree forests. I have been to Langdorf before, however I did not race because I was sick. So, I am glad to be going back again.

This website will tell you more about the region – although it is in German, the pictures will give you a pretty good idea:

And, this website is for the competition. You will be able to look up results to see how my American teammates and I are doing at the races:
I will compete in two competitions in Langdorf – a Sprint and a Pursuit race. I am also excited to go there because I will meet up with my aunt, uncle and two cousins who will come over from Zurich, SUI to watch me race.

Osrblie, Slovakia
I do not know much about this new place that I will be going to this year. It is located in central Slovakia under the Slovak Ore Mountains. Slovakia is a mountainous region, but in years past they have had a tough time holding competitions because of a lack of snow. Hopefully they have had a good start to the winter there this year! In Osrblie I will race in a Sprint, Pursuit and a Relay.

Where I go next will depend on how I perform at these races. Here is a list of the potential places I might go next: Ostersund, Sweden, Peyong Chung, Korea, Khanti-Mansysk, Russia, Oslo, Norway, Minnesota, USA or Vancouver, BC, Canada.

If you could take a trip, where would you all go?

It was great to meet all of you last week! Thank you for inviting me to your school. I look forward to visiting again!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Patrick Therriault School and Marion Lugdon's classes - I am excited to meet all of you and to share with you my ski experiences. This photo is from the Canadian Rockies outside of a town called Lake Louise. It took about and hour and a half to ski to this point. From there, my teammates and I skied down to the base of those mountains and found a perfectly frozen lake - Lake Moraine, on which we could ski. It was just spectacular!
This ski was a nice break from the normal training that I was doing while there. A few days later my racing season started in Canmore, Alberta. I cherish the places that skiing can take me - be it these awesome mountains, cool European villages, northern Maine and even places within my mind, heart and soul. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope it takes you all to great new places! best, haley

I'm coming!

Its snowing here in Lake Placid and I almost ready to go.
Today I will drive from Lake Placid, NY to Caribou, ME - in "the County." Its a long drive, mostly up along the St. Lawrence River, then into New Brunswick, before entering northern Maine. I've got my snow tires on and should be all set.
See you soon!