Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congrats to my fellow Nordic Olympic Teammates! - UPDATED

This week the majority of our Nordic Olympic Teams have been named. Most of us have been skiing together since we were young, or come from the same region, others have raced with us recently, like Caitlin Compton, who is now on the XC team, and the rest we've all gotten to know through our close-knit nordic community. Most of these athletes make their way through Placid at one point during the year, either for training camps or competition, and we all get to look for one another on Eurosport while racing on the World Cup circuits. Now, we'll all be under one roof and a part of 1 team at the Athlete's Village and at Whistler Olympic Park in just under a month.

US XC Team*
Kikkan Randall
Liz Stephen
Morgan Arritola
Caitlin Compton
Holly Brooks - just added
Andrew Newell
Torin Koos
Kris Freeman
James Southam
Garrot Kuzzy - just added
Simi Hamilton - just added

US Nordic Combined Team
Bill Demong
Todd Lodwick
Johnny Spillane
Brett Camerota
Tyler Fletcher

US Ski Jumping Team
Peter Frenette
Anders Johnson
Nick Alexander

US Biathlon Team
Lanny Barnes
Sara Studebaker
Laura Spector
Haley Johnson
Tim Burke
Lowell Bailey
Jay Hakkinnen
Jeremy Teela
Wynn Roberts

*Spots may be added:

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