Sunday, January 10, 2010


Some of the many thousands of biathlon fans in Oberhof.

As for me, this week included a two week training block which is the foundation to my Olympic Games preparation. I've changed my technique dramatically, rebuilt my base, and today, took a much needed day of rest to let it all soak in.

After changing conditions throughout the first three World Cups, Oberhof's solid tracks were very nice to train and race on. It is like a winter wonderland up here, except when the fog, wind and snow rolls in, and it makes you yearn for places like Antholz and sun, and the wonder has frozen.

Oberhof is a hot spot for biathlon, and thousands of people flocked here this week to watch the races and relish in the success and defeat of biathlon. From a spectators view, watching the skill of the circuit's best aim for barely visible targets in howling wind definitely ups the excitement level as you keep your fingers crossed that your favorite biathlete will hit most of their targets.

One of my favorite things about Europe is Eurosport. And this was not a bad day to catch a few hours of it: Lindsey Vonn (alpine) won another World Cup, our Tim Burke was 2nd and regained the Yellow Leader's bib, hometown friend, Bill Demong won an extremely demanding World Cup with Steamboat's Todd Lodwick just behind, and I think I saw that Erin Hamlin (she also trains out of the LP Training Center) was 3rd in a luge World Cup. Not a bad weekend for the Americans!

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