Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello friends,

As many of you have read, I have teamed up with heading into the Olympic Games and an article was just posted on about my teammates, Lowell and Laura, who are also promoting the organization.

My promise is to help Lake Placid's 4th grade elementary class learn more about recycling and our changing climate. It is a challenge, but I am excited to help out.

I understand that wearing green laces does not sound that effective, but for me, it has been a nudge towards being more active within my community to promote positive and efficient choices in our daily lives that lessen our negative impact on our environment. Also, I think it is only natural because of the efforts put forth by the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee. With all of the air travel that I do, I try my best in being environmentally conscious in other areas of my life. I am proud to wear Teko's recycled ski socks and before considering Mix1 as a sponsor I set up a more efficient recycling program at the Olympic Training Center so that I would be able to recycle the #5 plastic bottles that the protein drink comes in.

I will return to Ms. Smith's 4th grade after the Games and later in the spring. Such projects and a reminder of the "bigger picture" keep this lifestyle in balance. Do what you can, and take the opportunity to be motivated by fellow athletes!


CONNI said...

Hi Haley
you are getting great press here... we are with you in spirit... "polish those stars"
duz luz

conni & ben

Anonymous said...

Wishing you good luck at the olympics. I can't wait to see you on television. I am working hard at the ski club on Satudays. I need to learn about stretching. JE