Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team for Tomorrow Sends Aid to Haitian Olympic Committee!

One of the neat things about this year is the opportunity to become a part efforts that are not focused on a result, a qualification, a record, but rather on helping others around us in greater need.

I am a part of Team for Tomorrow, and will work among other Olympians to promote the ideals of the Olympics and as ambassador's of the the USOC's humanitarian relief fund. I just recently found out that this team will be sending donations to Haiti through its Olympic Committee as soon as possible after this week's devastating earthquake: press release.

Here is the email that I sent out to all of my sponsors and family earlier this week announcing my part of this new team:


USOC’S Team for Tomorrow Early this fall I was among 10 Winter Olympic athletes elected on to USOC’s Team for Tomorrow. I am an ambassador for this humanitarian relief fund and the Olympic ideals. This year the fund has sent aid in the form of clothes and sporting equipment to Afghanistan and Africa. I will do my part in my own community by helping out with a Habitat for Humanity project in the Adirondacks later in the spring or summer. The Team for Tomorrow is a humanitarian relief fund created just before the Bejing Olympics to help athletes further their own Olympic legacy by providing a way for us to give assistance to those in need and to give back to those communities that supported us along the way.

USOC press release

Before Christmas, Team for Tomorrow and USBA donated digital cameras and laptops to high school journalism classes in Grand Rapids, Minnesota on behalf of me being selected to this team. Our European Team Trials and the first phase of the Olympic Trials were held there in December and Minnesota’s biathlon clubs have been important places for biathlon development over the years. One of men’s Olympic team members, Wynn, is from one of these influential programs in Minnesota. I was racing in Slovenia at the time of the donation, but was glad the USBA was able to give something back to one of the communities that have been so important to US Biathlon.

I am still new to this Team, but am anticipating the Team will gather during the Olympics. Our work complements the way in which Vancouver has gone about preparing for the Games, so please check out the work they’ve done with sustainability and social inclusion at .

My Team for Tomorrow Statement

As member of Team for Tomorrow, I am honored to be an ambassador of the Olympic ideals and to represent US Biathlon.

Sport has enriched my life. Giving me opportunities to challenge my mind and body, teaching me values and ideals inherit to the Olympic spirit, and connecting me to life long mentors are among its many benefits; for me, it is a key. Through Team for Tomorrow, I am exciting about helping others find their own “keys” to success by overcoming financial, social, personal and even environmental challenges and enjoying life.

Fellow Team for Tomorrow athletes:

o Tony Benshoof, Luge

o John Benton, Curling

o Caitlin Cahow, Ice Hockey

o Rachael Flatt, Figure Skating

o Haley Johnson, Biathlon

o Augusto Perez, Paralympic Curling

o Noelle Pikus-Pace, Skeleton

o Katherine Reutter, Speedskating

o Liz Stephen, Cross Country Skiing

o Curt Tomasevicz, Bobsled

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